The hoverboards is better than ever these days. Manufacturers have got their act together after previous problems and are now producing new stylish products, which means they are safe to use.  Today we will present you some stylish hoverboard you should buy in 2017

#1 Chrome Color Hoverboards with Bluetooth & LED Lights Free

As a best selection of 6.5 inch self balancing scooter hoverboard that power by Samsung batteries, which is feature as follows:

  • Chrome Colorful---feature with chrome colors and bluetooth & led lights free
  • Safety Battery---Guaranteed quality and safety
  • Best Mainboard Program---Ensures stability of users' riding experience
  • Strictest Production Process---Full-inspection system, thousands of tests regarding to safety regulations
  • Powerful and Reliable---Max speed 8mph with a mileage up to 12 miles; 300 watt silent motors with carrying capacity up to 264 lbs

chrome color hoverboard

6.5 Inch Chrome Hoverboard Review

Best Hoverboards for Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas


This is a question that people have been strongly debating for a long time. So what's exactly hoverboards is? Today, let's figure out on wikipedia.

1. Self-Balance Scooter On Wikipedia

A self-balancing scooter or self-balancing two-wheeled board, commonly referred to as a "hoverboard", is a type of portable, rechargeable battery-powered scooter. 

They typically consist of two wheels arranged side-by-side, with two small platforms between the wheels, on which the rider stands. The device is controlled by the rider's feet, standing on the built-in gyroscopic, sensored pads.

In 2014, several self-balance scooter devices (hoverboards) appeared in China, and by 2015, they became widely popular in the United States, following numerous celebrity appearances with the device. There is no universally accepted name for the device, as its various product names are attributable to the companies which distribute them and not their manufacturers.


2. Hoverboard On Wikipedia

A hoverboard (or hover board) is a fictional levitating board used for personal transportation, first described by author M. K. Joseph in 1967 and popularized by the Back to the Future film franchise.

Hoverboards are generally depicted as resembling a skateboard without wheels. During the 1990s there were rumors, fueled by director Robert Zemeckis, that hoverboards were in fact real, but not marketed because they were deemed too dangerous by parents' groups.

These rumors have been conclusively debunked. The hoverboard concept has been used by many authors in various forms of media.

rover hoverboard


How to Maintain Your Hoverboard ?

Like all the electronic devices, it is important to take care of your products to increase its longevity. As the owner of a hoverboard, must not neglect the maintenance of your board.

Here are some suggestions which can help you to keep your hoverboard in good condition.

First of all it is important to keep in mind that we should be reasonable and not to push the limits of its apparatus beyond what it is able to be, although its design is reinforced and protects from choc or rain. 

When hoverboard not be used

When you go back home and stop your hoverboard, it is imperative to put your scooter electronic in a dry and dust-free area or just leaving it in your room or your living room.

If you choose the garage, it is better to put it a high place as the humidity might damage the electrical circuits or the battery. 

Hoverboard battery maintainance

You may have heard of incidents related to battery overheating? Our hoverboard are all equipped with an anti-overheating security detecting to make sure it is in safe condition.

So if the temperature rises too quickly, the device reduces the power and prevents the battery from overheating. So you do not have to worry about that.

Not to charge overnight

We advise you not to let your hoverboard charge overnight without supervision. Once your self-balancing scooter is fully charged, it is recommended to unplug it.

Also, a battery that is rarely used can undergo a deep discharge and become unusable.

In order to avoid unpleasant using experience or even changing the battery, you are suggested to unload and charge it once every 2 weeks.

Hoverboards For Sale: 2017 Summer Giveaway

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Amazon Hoverboards: The Complete List

#1.Segway miniPRO | $789.00 with FREE shipping | Amazon

Segway miniPro

The Segway miniPRO is the next evolutionary step of two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporters. Segway and Ninebot utilized decades of combined industry knowledge to create smarter software, stronger hardware, and safer features.

The miniPRO’s precision sensors automatically react to the rider’s movements and maintain stability over a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains. The knee control bar provides innovative steering precision that allows you to maneuver more effectively than two-wheel hover boards.

The Segway miniPRO is the first personal transporter, before any hoverboard, to become UL 2272 Certified for the highest standards of electrical and fire safety requirements established by Underwriter Laboratories. Not only does it come with the highest fire and electric safety certification, but it also integrates with the Ninebot & Segway phone app to give you access to a wide array of premium features and functions. From the app, you can remote control the miniPRO without riding it, view dashboard performance, customize lighting on the unit, and enable a tamper-proof security alarm.


  • Connect to the free mobile app via Bluetooth for full features: remote control operation, anti-theft alarm, speed control, customizable lights, vehicle diagnostics, and firmware updates
  • UL 2272 Certified unit meets high standards of fire and electrical safety set by world-renowned global safety science company Underwriters Laboratories
  • 220 lbs payload, light-weight, and durable aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame and 10.5-Inch pneumatic air-filled tires with military-grade shock absorption capability
  • Dual motor engine delivers 1600 watts of power to safely reach top speeds of 10 MPH and distances of 14 miles on a full charge in a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains.
  • Padded knee bar maximizes comfort and enables precision steering for more ergonomic control than hoverboards and electric scooters that rely on foot-pivot steering

Customer Reviews

  • Harry Bee | October 19, 2016

    Fun to ride. Worth the extra cost for peace of mind that they are not going to catch on fire!

    • Justin Crites | on October 16, 2016

    An excellent devices. Far more practical than I expected it to be. I ride it nearly every day. Recommended for flat, smooth areas. Long battery life. I've used it for months with no maintenance yet.

    • Pet Costello | October 11, 2016

    Love them. Like another reviewer we thought they'd be happier as a set. And with Burning Man shortly after Prime day pricing... well, we have no regrets. The black one went to BRC.

    Photo Reviews:




    YouTube Reviews:


    #2. SWAGTRON T1 | $349.99 with FREE shipping | Amazon


    SWAGTRON T1 is the highly popular, rideable, self-balancing electric scooter aka hoverboard.

    You’ll confidently cruise on this motorized scooter up to 8 mph over an 11 mile range holding weight ups to 220 lbs.

    Think you’ve gone too far? Breathe easy, indicators always let you know how much battery is left on your ride.

    SWAGTRON T1 is solidly built using the highest quality components and industry-leading safety features making it also a great adult electric scooter.


    • Cruise with swag on your hoverboard boasting an 8 mph top speed and 11 mile range - weight up to 220 lbs
    • UL 2272 certified - the SWAGTRON 2-wheel self-balancing scooter excelled in all electrical safety tests
    • This swag motorized scooter’s new features include: LED headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers, and two riding modes
    • Patented SWAGTRON SentryShield smart battery management system provides multi layered hover skate-board protection
    • This balance scooter features an upgraded 250 Watt motor and gear stabilization for tighter control and downhill traction

    Customer Reviews

    • Paul Y | on June 18, 2016

      Family friendly hoverboard, 5 star recommend, recommend you to buy this not only for kids but for yourself, This gift was for my sons and turn out to become a family vehicle.

      • Niki Wilson | on June 29, 2016

      Great product and feels very high quality. I like that it is UL listed. Totally silent and easy to learn. Tool everyone in my family 30 seconds to get their balance on it.

      • Jennifer Montilinoon August 23, 2016

      My 11 yr old boy hopped on it and is having a blast. He took to it super fast and is already doing tricks and creating new sports. He did start with riding in the house for a day or so before going outside with it.

      Photo Reviews:




      YouTube Reviews:


      • Swagtron T1 Full Review! UL Certified Hoverboard! | Tylerf


      #3. SWAGTRON T3 | $449.99 with FREE shipping | Amazon


      SwagTron T3 comes with a redesigned sporty body, milled aluminum wheels, built-in carrying strap, and– to take the cake– built-in High Quality (HQ) Bluetooth Speakers!!!


      • UL 2272 self-balancing scooter certified. Excelled in all government-regulated safety tests.
      • Max Speed 8+ mph w/ a range of 7-12 miles powered by a 300-watt dual electric scooter motor.
      • The motorized scooter's lithium-ion battery pack has a charge time of approximately 2-3 hours.
      • Built-in Bluetooth speaker that can sync to your mobile device. Also, features LED headlights, Battery indicators, Rubber bumpers, and light-weight shell.
      • Patented SentryShield Battery Technology and Smart Battery Management System that monitors and protects.

      Customer Reviews

      • David Jensenon July 7, 2016

        I'm citing mine in a little I'm really exited I did a LOT of resurch and it has back lights AND front light I love it and I think my money is worth it.

        • | on October 8, 2016

        Purchased this for my daughters birthday and she loves it. It connects via Bluetooth. It has a management app that gives you config options and info like temp. I would recommend this!

        • Matton July 23, 2016

        I’ve had my T3 for a short time now and it’s awesome. It’s smooth and easy to ride. The bluetooth functionality works well, providing speed, detailed battery info and tuning options for max speed, acceleration and turning sensitivity.

        Photo Reviews




        YouTube Reviews

        • CES 2016 Swagtron T3 Hoverboard | The Verge 



        #4.Razor Hovertrax 2.0 | $349.99 with FREE shipping | Amazon


        Intelligently-engineered with EverBalance technology and machined with precision Razor craftsmanship, Hovertrax 2.0 is the only board that auto-levels for a safer, easier mount and a smoother ride.

        Whether you’re coasting, racing, or commuting, Hovertrax 2.0 is always in balance. Indoors or out, Hovertrax 2.0 does the work so you can enjoy the journey.

        Hovertrax 2.0 has technology so advanced, it’s simple. Once you learn how to ride, it becomes second nature. 


        • The world's smartest self-balancing electric scooter, made by Razor, the trusted global leader in electric recreational products
        • UL 2272 certified, ensuring that the patented Razor Hovertrax 2.0 meets the industry’s highest electrical safety standards
        • Cruising speed of 8+ mph with silent 350-watt motors and a run-time of up to 60 minutes of continuous use for riders up to 220 lbs
        • Easy, quick-change 36V lithium ion battery pack made with authentic LG cells, so you can always extend your ride
        • Built with Razor’s exclusive EverBalance technology, which automatically levels the Hovertrax 2.0 for an easier mount and extremely smooth ride
        • New features include cool-blue LED light bar display, fender bumpers, LED battery power indicator, and two riding modes for training & normal use

        Customer Reviews

        • D. Vance | on September 5, 2016

          Razor brand has proven itself to be an innovator in small personal transport. Their brand is now an accepted benchmark for quality and safety. Hovertrax 2.0 is another example of excellence and entertainment.

          • N. Savoiu | on September 18, 2016

          The way it operates is very intuitive and the board is very responsive. Getting on and off takes a small leap of faith the first few times but after that it's no longer an issue. Starts and stops are nice and crisp as long as the rider's demands are equally so. Both my son and my daughter were also quick to get going with it despite my son being younger than the 8-year old minimum.

          • Barbara Mcarthuron September 6, 2016

          I think the self-balancing feature makes this a five star scooter. According to my 17 year old grandson, this Hovertrax is better than anything his friends have - easier to operate because of the self-balancing leveler - which, I'm told was what made riding one of these so tricky.

          Photo Reviews




          YouTube Reviews


          #5. HOVERZON S | $399.00 with FREE shipping | Amazon



          • Exclusive "HOVERZON aegis armor" multilayer battery protection
          • Ul2272 Certified, fireproof exterior casing and sensor pedals
          • Solid, enhanced motor and gear stabilization for better responsive control
          • Innovative smart battery management system for improved overall battery performance
          • 2 speed modes for different level of users

          Customer Reviews

          • Fatmal | September 14, 2016

            Courtesy of the Amazon Vine program, I have received a “HOVERZON XLS Self Balancing Hoverboard, Blue” for review. This is my second hoverboard after my first was recalled but was of a different brand.

            • Slick | on October 22, 2016

            The Hoverzon XLS is a very high quality hoverboard that is fun to use and easy for kids to learn...although at times it can be a little scary and/or intimidating. All three of my children (ages 17, 13, & 9) were able to learn to use it safely, fairly quickly.

            • Beasimer | October 9, 2016

            The Hoverzon XLS self-balancing hoverboard, made in, comes with two self applied bumpers, power cord, and a user manual. It's strongly advised that the 35 half page user manual be read entirely before use.

            #6. HOVERZON XLS | $499.00 with FREE shipping | Amazon



            • Exclusive "HOVERZON aegis armor" multilayer battery protection
            • Ul2272 Certified, fireproof exterior casing and sensor pedals
            • Solid, dual independent motor and gear stabilization for ultra-responsive control, improved wide, anti-slip pedal sensors for more comfortable riding
            • Innovative smart battery management system for improved overall battery performance with 5 levels LED battery level indicator means always knowing how much power is left
            • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker and mulita-color, front and rear LED movement indicators illuminate to show movement makes riding cooler than ever

            Customer Reviews

            • Mitchell | October 21, 2016

              So I have to say this hoverboard is LARGE. I have never used one and I guess really thinking about it, to handle an adult body it has to be well built, heavy and powerful and is this powerful!

              • Seagull | on October 10, 2016

              My 13 and 15 year olds are loving this Hoverzon hoverboard. I first want to say that I have been amazed how relatively safe this machine seems. I know previous versions had issues of catching fire, and there is a risk of falling.

              • T. Sullivan | on October 10, 2016

              Wow - this thing is pretty amazing. My boys (9 & 12) enjoy playing with this immensely (even though they do say this is for people 13+). Neither had ever used a scooter like this when we got it, but because of the setting that helps beginners learn to balance on the device, they were rolling around in a few minutes.

              #6.EPIKGO Hoverboard | $599.99 with FREE shipping | Amazon


              The EPIKGO has obtained the highest standard in regards to safety after successfully becoming UL 2272 Certified; assuring users that fire and electrical hazards are not a factor.

              Besides being safer, EPIKGO stands out because its durable build helps it tackle virtually any obstacle in its way. Travel through grass, mud, dirt and sand with this new device built to go anywhere and do more.


              • GO SAFER - UL 2272 Certified EPIKGO board with UL2271 Certified LG Smart Battery. Underwent and passed 159 tests regarding safety regulations, meaning no potential fire hazards.
              • MORE POWER - EPIKGO has 400W Dual Motors that help it climb slopes as steep as 18 degree and last over 1 hour at 10mph top speed on a single charge, making it the most powerful balance board on the market.
              • GO ANYWHERE - Solid rubber tires for all- terrain purposes. Rated IP56 for solidness and water resistance. Easily maneuver through grass, mud and sand on the board built to do more.
              • BIGER & BETTER - EPIKGO is nearly 2x more powerful and 30% larger than the leading competitor meaning more foot space, a more stable ride and more control. Plus the built-in fast 2 hour fast charging technology, it makes the most sophisticated product of its kind.
              • BEYOND THE PRODUCT - 1 year limited warranty covers parts and labor from the manufacturer, a US company based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

              Customer Reviews

              • Jeff | October 14, 2016

                Solid construction and works as advertised. Handles the hills and dirt roads in my neighborhood with no problems. Also easy to ride. My 12 yr old daughter was riding this like a pro in 15 minutes. Very satisfied. Considering buying another one for the family for Christmas.

                • Roger Raw | September 18, 2016

                The self balancing feature on this product is amazing and extremely helpful when you are just learning how to ride it. Self balancing takes a lot of the workload off of you as the rider. Stand straight up and you’re ready to ride. I am very satisfied with my Epikgo because I was able to go from an inexperienced rider to a pro after only a few attempts.

                • Oliveron September 16, 2016

                This is the best hoverboard ever!!! Since I bought this board a week ago I have had the most amazing time. I saw my friend with one of these and the second I saw it I knew that this was going to be the best thing ever.

                Photo Reviews




                YouTube Reviews

                • Epikgo Balancing Scooter Hoverboard | Max Huang

                self balance electric scooter user's manual.jpg

                Self-Balance Electric Scooter: User's Manual

                #1. Using the Scooter Safely

                We would like to ensure that all drivers can operate their intelligent electric self-balancing scooter safely, and enjoy the fun that it will bring.

                Always remember that learning to ride this scooter is like learning to ride a bicycle, driving
                a car, or other forms of transportation that you've used.

                Those previous experiences can be used to help you navigate this self-balancing scooter better.

                We strongly recommend that you read this instruction handbook before driving your self-balancing scooter for the first time. Also, please check the tires for damage or any loose parts before driving the scooter.

                Please read the entire user manual, to learn important safety information, such as:

                • The safe speed limit to ride the scooter
                • The indicator light warning
                • The safety shutdown feature

                Please do not use your self-balancing scooter in a way which can cause damage to property or endanger someone safety.

                Please do not modify the self-balancing scooter parts. Altering its parts can damage the scooter, reduce its performance, and cause serious bodily injury.

                • Weight Limits for Drivers

                 The self-balancing scooter has weight limits for its riders:

                •  Maximum weight limit allowed: 100kg (220lbs).
                • Minimum weight limit allowed: 20kg (40lbs).

                The weight limits ensure your safety as a driver, while reducing the load put on the
                scooter to protect it from damage.

                WARNING! If you weigh more than the limit listed above, you are in danger of
                being seriously injured and damaging your scooter!

                • The Scooter’s Maximum Range

                The distance you can travel with the intelligent self-balancing scooter depends on
                many factors. These include:

                • The terrain: driving on smooth, flat ground will reduce the distance in which you
                  can travel.
                • Weight: the weight of a driver affects the distance scooter can travel. Less weight allows traveling longer distances, while more weight will restrict the distance you can travel.
                • Environmental temperatures: if the scooter is driven within the recommended temperature range outdoors, the distance will be increased. Distance will be reduced when traveling in extreme heat or cold.
                • Maintenance: proper charging and maintenance of the battery will increase travel
                  range. Failure to charge and maintain the battery will reduce traveling distance.
                • Speed and driving style: driving at moderate constant speeds will increase range,
                  while frequent starting, stopping, acceleration and deceleration, will reduce the total distance.


                • The Scooter’s Speed Limits

                The maximum speed for the intelligent self-balancing scooter is 10km/hour.

                When driving beyond the allowed speed limit, an alarm inside of the scooter will be triggered.

                The scooter can properly balance a driver when traveling at the recommended speed; however, when the speed is greater than the specified speed limit, the scooter will limit its maximum speed to ensure safety.

                • Driving Scooter

                You should fully read and understand this instruction manual before driving the intelligent self-balancing scooter.

                This manual will now discuss security-related matters that you should be aware of, so please pay attention and understand these details before using the scooter, as they are very important.

                #2. Steps to Use the Intelligent Self-Balancing Scooter

                 Step 1: Press the power switch ON to start scooter up.

                Step 2: Place one foot on a platform until you trigger the green operation indicator light. The scooter has an automatic balancing system that will maintain horizontal orientation of platform. Then place second foot on another platform, and stand strait.

                Step 3: After you have successfully stood on the scooter platform and balanced it to your center of gravity, the intelligent self-balancing scooter will now remain stationary. Tilt your body forward to move scooter forward. Tilt body slightly backward to stop, or move scooter backward.

                NOTE: If the foot switch trigger for the self-balancing scooter is not level, an alarm will sound and the alarm indicator light will illuminate. When this occurs, the system will not balance automatically and operation of scooter is prohibited.

                Step 4: Manipulate the scooter to turn left or right. Tilt right foot forward to turn scooter right while maintaining left foot leveled. Tilt left foot forward to turn scooter left while maintaining right foot leveled. Tilt right foot forward and tilt left foot backward to rotate clockwise on a spot. Tilt both feet opposite to each other to rotate scooter in desired direction.

                Step 5: When you want to get off of the self balancing scooter-before you cometo a complete stop, place the right foot on the ground first, and place the left foot on the ground next, to keep the scooter balanced.


                Steering the self-balancing scooter at high speeds is very dangerous and should not be attempted!

                Please don’t drive scooter on traverse or steep slopes, as it may lead to offsetting the self-balance of your scooter and will affect its overall driving safety.

                • Scooter Protection Features

                When the scooter is in operation, any problems within its system will prohibit the
                scooter from automatically balancing, and the scooter will prompt the driver in
                various ways.

                The errors include:

                • The scooter will fail to operate
                • The alarm light will remain on
                • The alarm buzzer will sound intermittently

                 Causes for system errors can include:

                • Feet are on the platform forward or back, more than 10°
                • If battery voltage is too low, the scooter halts operation after 15 seconds
                • The scooter is in the process of charging
                • The scooter’s platform has become warped
                • The scooter is moving too fast
                • Lack of a battery in the scooter, or power in the battery
                • The scooter vibrating for longer than 30 seconds
                • The system is in Protection Mode
                • The platform is tilted forward or back beyond 35°
                • The tire’s rotors are locked into the stop position (after 2 seconds)


                When the smart self-balancing scooter goes into the outage status, the system will automatically lock the machine.

                When the battery has been depleted, please do not continue to drive the scooter. If the scooter is driven at that time, the scooter will not balance due to the lack of electricity, and the driver can be injured.

                Continuing to drive the scooter when the battery is low will shorten battery life.

                • Intelligent Self-Balancing Scooter Driving Practice

                Before driving the scooter outdoors, please ensure you are skilled enough to operate this self-balancing scooter.

                Please wear comfortable, casual sportswear and flat shoes, allowing your body to
                maintain its flexibility.

                Please practice driving the self-balancing scooter in an open field, until you can move the scooter forward, backward, left and right; and until you can stop the scooter and get off of the platform safely.

                Please watch instructional videos widely available on the Internet showing how to start riding self-balancing electric scooters. Just search Google or YouTube for “how to ride self balancing scooter”, and you will find many valuable instructional videos.

                Make sure the ground is flat and level before driving.

                You can practice driving in different types of terrain; however, you must slow down
                in unfamiliar terrain. At no time should you raise the scooter off of the ground when
                it powered ON. Turn scooter OFF before carrying it.

                The intelligent self-balance scooter is designed to be used as supplemental transport, and should only be operated at slow speeds when traveling on uneven road surfaces.

                If you are not skilled at driving the self-balance scooter, please allow nearby pedestrians to safely pass before continuing, and avoid dangerous obstacles at all times.

                #3. Driving Safety Instructions

                This section will highlight several safety tips and includes a warning statement. While operating the self-balance scooter, you will need to consider important safety issues.

                Proper understanding of the safety issues mentioned in this manual will improve your driving safety.


                Under no circumstances are you to use the intelligent self-balancing scooter to collide and cause harm to anyone.

                To avoid damage, carefully read and refer to the instruction manual. Please ensure the product is in good condition, and carefully read and familiarize yourself with this product.

                When using self-balancing scooter, please make sure to wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and other safety gear as needed.

                The intelligent self-balancing scooter is for personal entertainment only! It is prohibited to use the scooter in public traffic.

                Children operating the scooter should be no less than 20kg in weight and should be overseen at all times by an adult. People with history of heart disease, high blood pressure, pregnant women and people with disabilities, should not drive the intelligent self-balancing scooter.

                No driving self-balancing scooter after drinking alcoholic beverages or using drugs. 

                Please make sure you can see clearly in the front of the scooter and the rear. Having good vision keeps you safer while driving the scooter.

                It is easier to keep the scooter balanced on flat, smooth surfaces, by driving with
                the legs relaxed and slightly bent.

                When driving, ensure the soles of your feet are directly on the scooter’s platform

                NOTE: Wearing sports attire when driving the scooter allows you to handle
                emergency situations better.

                No more than one person is permitted to ride the self-balancing scooter at the
                same time.

                Drivers, riders and their belongings should have a combined weight of no more than the maximum weight indicated in this manual. If the maximum weight is higher than the allowed weight, then self-balancing scooter can be damaged. All drivers should weigh the minimum amount required in order to operate the scooter.

                If the total weight will exceed the maximum allowed amount, the scooter will be difficult to control, especially when going downhill. In this case driver is unable to safely reduce the speed or stop at all.

                The scooter must be kept at a reasonable speed to ensure the safety of yourself and others, and to allow the intelligent self-balancing scooter to come to a safe and complete stop.

                If an accident occurs while driving the self-balancing scooter, please remain on the
                scene and wait for assistance and medical attention.

                When driving the self-balancing scooter with other drivers, please maintain a safe
                distance between each other to avoid a collision.

                Please remember that total height increases when driving on top of self-balancing scooter, so pay attention when passing under doorways and overhead objects.

                When steering the scooter, use caution and do not turn too fast. This will prevent
                the center of gravity being offset which can result in you falling from the scooter.

                Avoid distractions when driving the self-balancing scooter. Please do not use the phone, listen to music, or engage in any other distracting activities while operating the scooter.

                Do not drive the scooter in the heavy rain or on wet roads. Avoid driving the scooter backwards and at high speeds.

                The self-balancing scooter does not include a first aid kit or medical equipment.

                Do not drive the scooter in dim light or in dark places.

                Avoid surfaces that may cause bodily injury and damage to the scooter such as
                snow, water, and ice.

                Please avoid objects scattered in the road such as trash, branches, stones, and
                other objects.

                Avoid driving in tight, narrow spaces, and up or down steep slopes.

                Please operate the self-balancing scooter only where it is legal to do so. When in
                doubt, please obtain permission before driving the self-balancing scooter.

                Please do not come to any sudden stops when using the scooter.

                Avoid operating the self-balancing scooter in dangerous environments that contain flammable gas, steam, liquids, dust, or fibers which may cause fire or explosion.

                #4. Proper Battery Charging and Maintenance

                This section lists the battery specifications and will explain how to charge the self-
                balancing scooter battery, how to extend the battery life, and how to increase performance.

                • Low Battery Power

                When the self-balancing scooter flashing indicator light is red and flashing, the power is too low. Driving should be stopped immediately.

                A low battery will not have enough energy to drive normally, and the system will prevent the driver from continuing operation. It is easy to damage the scooter at this time.

                • If any of the following occurs, do not use the battery
                1.  A smell is emitted from the battery
                2. The temperature of the battery gets very high
                3. The battery is leaking

                Battery removal should be limited to professionals only, and only authorized companies may replace parts on the self-balancing scooter.

                Do not touch the battery when it is leaking, and please do not allow children or animals to come into contact with the battery.

                Be sure to remove the battery from the charger before operating the scooter

                Batteries contain dangerous chemicals; do not open the battery and do not tamper
                with the battery or insert anything into it.

                Lithium batteries should be discarded properly.

                The self-balancing scooter’s battery should only be used in accordance with local

                • Charging the Battery

                Ensure the charger is dry!

                Open cover of the self-balancing scooter charge port.

                Insert the charger connector into the wall outlet (100-240W or 50-60Hz) and
                confirm the indicator light is green.

                When the indicator light is lit on the charger, connect the charger to the charging
                port on a side of the scooter.

                When the green LED indicator on chargers is ON, charging is complete. Please stop charging the battery at this time. Overcharging can damage the battery.

                Please disconnect charger as soon as LED light on charger turn GREEN.

                If the indicator light is not on, please check all connections.

                Pay attention to the plug type. Make sure you use a standard local plug.

                The self-balancing scooter has a total charge time of about 2-3 hours. Charging the battery longer will affect battery life.

                Please keep the charging environment clean and dry.

                If the charger is wet, do not charge the battery until it dries.

                •  Battery Temperature

                To get the maximum efficiency from your self-balancing scooter, the battery temperature must be kept within the specified temperature range.

                Before starting the charging process, the battery temperature must be within the recommended temperature range.

                When the temperature is at or close to the recommended range, the charging efficiency will be at its highest. In extreme heat or cold, charging time will be
                lengthened, and the battery may not fully charge.

                • Important Details for Lithium Batteries Shipping


                Lithium batteries are considered very dangerous. Get approval by the responsible local parties or authorities before transporting a battery.

                Note: If you need to load your lithium-ion battery-equipped scooter for air transport or other modes of transportation, please contact a designated dealer to obtain further information.




                Hoverboards are one of the most popular & hottest holiday gifts in 2015. Ebay reportedly sold more than 5,000 units on Black Friday. So, what is hoverboard ?

                Well, let's get stated with

                And type "What is hoverboard ?", then go with search!!!!

                #1 Google "What is hoverboard ? "


                Well, we got tons of results, but seems the second one is that what we are looking for...

                OK, Whatever, let's make a try with google trends on the key word of "hoverboard"

                There we go...

                1.1 Google Trands

                Well, this trends really did informed a lot information.

                First is that the hoverboard business boosting in the year of 2015!

                But it seems that the industrial broken down by the end of the year.

                Why ? 

                Must because of hoverboard fired & exploded events and reports!!!!!

                Well, let's go further with where are the hoverboards hottest.

                1.2 Hoverboard Hottest

                We can notice that hoverboards are hottest in countries like:

                • United State
                • Canada
                • Sweden
                • Australia
                • Russia

                With the above google results, we have some basic view of hoverboard & it's business now.

                Now let's dig further into to second results for what is hoverboard on wiki.

                Here we go.......


                #2 Wiki "Hoverboard"

                Before we go though with "Hoverboard", we first click into the second results of google on " what is hoverboard ?"

                Because it seems that our answering is right there!!!!

                google secondly result on hoverboard

                 2.1 Wiki " Self-balancing scooter"

                wiki self balancing scooter

                Well, seems that we are in the right site with the very info. that we looking for....

                • Self-balancing two wheeled board
                • Battery-powered
                • Platforms between the wheels
                • Controlled by the rider's feet
                • Widely popular in the United State in 2015

                It's what we see some body hovering on the street and think that hoverboard is!!!

                Is it that ?

                Let's make a try with keyworkd "hoverboard" on Wiki

                2.2 Wiki " Hoverboard "

                hoverboard on wiki

                From the result, we can notice that wiki offer us a big different answering on "Hoverboard" compare with google, which wiki had been go with:

                 So next time you see some body hovering around on a two wheeled design transportation, you should call it "Self-balancing scooter" or " Hoverboard scooter".


                #3 Hoverboard Scooter(Self-balancing scooter)

                 In 2014, several such devices appeared in China, and by 2015, they became widely popular in the United States, Australia, Russia & ect.

                We seems got our answering now, but I do not want to stop here, let's heading forward...

                3.1 Components inside

                Let’s take a look at what’s under the hood of a self-balancing scooter.

                inside hoverboard

                Here we comes the main feature components:

                • A steel frame with a central pivot
                • A logic board
                • Two gyroscopes
                • Two infrared sensors
                • Two electric motors (located inside the wheels)
                • Two tilt/speed sensors (located inside the wheels)
                • Charging port
                • Power switch
                • A battery pack
                • LED lights
                • Pressure pads
                • A plastic shell

                3.2 How did they work ?

                The self-balance scooter(hoverboard scooter) wheels motor themselves with it's build-in electric motor.

                The electric motor in wheels contain a tilt and speed sensor.

                The sensors detects the rpm (revolutions per minute) of the individual wheel, and sends it to the gyroscope and speed control boards. 

                Let's check a video produced by Johnny Amicci, which can help us go through with what's inside the wheels.

                When you leaning on your hoverboard, the tilt sensors in the wheels tell the gyroscopes how far forward you’re leaning.

                Then  the gyroscopes relay this information to the logic board. 

                The more you’re leaning forward, the faster the logic board tells the motors to spin, to sort of “catch up” with your center of gravity.

                This mechanism allows you to control the cruising speed of the scooter with your weight.

                3.2 Where are they Assembling ?

                Most hoverboard scooters(Self-balancing scooters) are assembling in China.

                So do not be fooled by USA, Canada made hoverboard scooter or something like that.

                A balancing scooter supposed to assembling with solid components, here are some main:

                • Samsung Battery or UL Listed Battery
                • Taotao Mother Board(Logic Board)
                • Hanghong Motors

                The good battery solution can prevent you from fire or explode.

                The good logic board means longer service life and better riding experience.

                The great motor will make your board more powerful.

                hoverboard assembling

                 3.3 Hoverboard Scooters on Amazon

                Regard of info. of 3.2, we now know that two-wheeled self balance hoverboards that sell on Amazon are all China made, but brands host by USA or Canada's companies.

                 3.4 Why are they so hot ?

                Quality & Safety Issues

                Since the whole hoverboard scooter business boost sharply and unexpectedly, it brings quality and safety issues.

                Tons of news reported by CNN on hoverboards fired & exploded in end of 2015.

                First report on killed by hoverboard in UK.

                United Kingdom & USA governments released laws on restrict the products hovering on the street. 

                Real Hoverboard

                    • Hoverboard (or hover board) is a fictional levitating board used for personal transportation.

                      1. It's a levitating board!!!!!
                      2. It's for personal transportation......


                      The Lux hoverboard looks more real!

                      real hoverboard

                      Let's check what The Verge say on it.

                      • Hoverboard Scooter

                      A self-balancing scooter or self-balancing two-wheeled board,commonly referred to as a "hoverboard scooter", is a type of portable, rechargeable battery-powered scooter.

                      1. Consist of two wheels arranged side-by-side
                      2. Portable, rechargeable battery-powered


                      The following image will told you what exactly hoverobard is!!!!

                      Let's check with the following hoverboard scooter's youtube reviews for more detail....A LA

                    • Hoverboard History

                      • M.K Joseph

                      Hoverboard was first described by author M.K Joseph in 1967 in "The Hole in the Zero" and popularized by the Back to the Future film franchise.

                      hoverboard history

                      • Back to the Future

                      In "Back to the Future", Marty escaped from the local gangsters with a hoverboad, wu la, let's check the youtube video to see what was happened there.....

                    • Why hoverboard so hot ?

                      In 2015, hoverboard scooters economic explosive growth sharply & unexpectedly.  Kids are dying to have a hoverboard, why ? 

                      YOUTUBE COMMENTS

                      • Justin Bieber

                      hoverboard justin bieber

                      Justin Bieber is a big fans of hoverboard too. 

                      • Casey

                      One of greatest Youtube video maker, he got tons of views with his hoverboard videos...

                      Casey on hoverboard

                  • Casey's hoverboard video

                    Hoverboard Size

                    There are lots of hoverboards available on the market, but they are mostly coming with 6.5 inch, 8 inch & 10 inch.

                    So, how to make a  make a choice while buying a hoverboard ?

                    •  6.5 Inch hoverboard

                    6.5 Inch hoverboard is the hottest size in end of 2015 for it's lighter, great for kids and classical design. 

                    The 6.5 inch hoverboard is best flexible for young kids, lower price & easier control.

                    6.5 inch hoverboards are workable for whole age range kids. But recommanded for kids with 6-9 years old.

                    • 8 Inch hoverboard

                    8 inch hoverboard is a bigger size than 6.5 inch hoverboards. Bigger wheels diemeter means hovering faster, more stable in pave ground.

                    The large diemeter will also give the riders a higher viewing angle. Which means while your height is 165cm only, but you have 185cm viewing angle on hoverboard.

                    Inspite of a little bit heavier, 8 inch hoverboard is recommanding for range of 9-12 years old kids. With this age range, kids mostly can handle with these hottest toys.

                    • 10 Inch hoverobard

                    10 inch hoverboard is the biggest size that available on the market. 

                    It's recommanded for age of 13 or above. The 10 inch wheels can bring the highest viewing level.



                  Hoverboard Halloween: A skeleton terrorizes NYC

                  #1. A Hoverboard Skeleton Terrorizes NYC

                  Today we are going to presented Jon Lynn's halloween hoverboard frightening review with Segway miniPRO!!!!!!! Yes, halloween is coming, let's go and check Jon Lynn's show!!!


                  Jon Lynn put a frightening skeleton on a Segway miniPRO and gave New Yorkers a little halloween fun. 


                  Jon Lynn & his skeleton miniPRO hoverboard!!!!! Great for halloween......


                  And the NY citizens share their great interested & happiness with Jon Lynn's show! OK, Let's direct to the Video for more detail:


                  Please drop your comments and leave your best advise if you interested with our blogs! We will keep on sharing greatest hoverboard events!

                  best hoverboard reviews complete list

                  Best Hoverboards Review: Complete List (YouTube)

                  #1. Self Balancing, 2-Wheel, Smart Electric Scooter, "Hoverboard" REVIEW | AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke | 13,353,383 Views

                  Ben Schmanke released this review to YouTube early on June 11, 2015 , and now the video still hovering the first place in Youtube with search of "hoverboard" & he now had been got 13,353,383 Views.

                  The models that Ben filming with is a 6.5 inch two wheel balancing hoverboard scooter, the produts detail will coming as the image that as following:


                  1.1 Specifications & Tech-Product Detail

                  1.1.1 Framework

                  • 6.5” Inches Wheels Designed
                  • Dual Motor.
                  • Zinc Aluminum Frame.
                  • ABS Plastic Outer Shell.

                  1.1.2 Performance

                  • 10 Mph Top Speed.
                  • Can Climb 15°-20° Incline.
                  • Max load of 120Kg

                  1.1.3 Battery

                  • Charges in 90 Minutes on Average.
                  • ≥ 2 Hr. Ride Time or Approximately 20 Miles.
                  •  Authentic Samsung 18650 Batteries.

                  1.2 Self Balancing Hoverboard-YouTube Review


                  #2. INSANE 7 YEAR OLD HOVERBOARD TRICKS AT THE SKATEPARK! | Tanner Fox | 18,031,711 views

                  Tanner Fox released this review to YouTube on October 21, 2015, but he got greater views them Ben Schmanke's review, that's because he had been present us a really great video, I think that is one of the most important part why hoverboard business boost in 2015.

                  Well, let back to the review and check with the hoverboard that Tanner Fox had been filming with. Also, In Tanner's video, we notice that it also was a 6.5 inch hoverboard scooter, the image comes as following:


                  2.1 Specifications & Tech-Product Detail

                  2.1.1 Construction

                  The scooter weighs about 28 pounds or 13 kilograms and is very portable between stops. Adults should have no problem carrying the board around the office or home. Children might need some help carrying it but that is not often required.

                  2.1.2 Sturdy and Durable Tires

                  The scooter weighs about 28 pounds or 13 kilograms and is very portable between stops. Adults should have no problem carrying the board around the office or home. Children might need some help carrying it but that is not often required.

                  In addition to the overall construction, small hoverboard had very durable and sturdy tires. The tread on the wheels was very deep and we were able to ride this hoverboard segway on many different terrains including grass and hard sand. This feature provides additional versatility to the ForTech Scooter and distinguishes it from other segways for sale.

                  The tires have a solid construction that does not require air or a pump. You will never be stranded in the middle of nowhere because your wheel loses pressure and that brings peace of mind.

                  2.1.3 Multi of Colours to choose

                  When we were looking to buy the hoverboard scooter as gift you will pleased to see that this scooter available in multi beautiful colours. Who wants to have the same color as everyone else. Your hoverboard is an extension of your style and why not take it a step further and pick a color that represents you. 

                  2.1.4 Speed and Handling

                  The advertised max speed of the board is 10Mph, pretty fast, especially considering this thing runs on batteries and is better for the environment than gas powered scooters. In addition that is much faster than most people can jog.

                  One downside that we found is that due to the smaller wheels on this electric scooter we were unable to go over large curbs. This should not be an issue most places you ride this hoverboard but something to keep in mind.

                  In the past we have looked at other hoverboard segways with larger 10 inch wheels that allow you more freedom in terms of where you can go.

                  2.2 Insane 7 Year Old Boy Hoverboard Trick - So cute so cool!


                  #3. Skating A Hoverboard | Shonduras | 2,789,903 views

                  Shonduras had been released this review to YouTube on April 16, 2016, which means just a few months ago. In the past six months, this video review had 2,789,903 views, it's really really growing fast!!!! More important than that is, the content itself is fantastic.

                  The models that Shonduras filming with comes at the same one as the above two. So just let us direct to the YouTube review:

                  3.1 Skate a Hoverboard-Fantastic!


                  #4. Hoverboard with Formula Tires?!?! | The Italian Makers | 5,971,604 views

                  This veview is release by The Italian Makers channel on YouTube on January 11, 2016, the views increase sharply as well in the past 9 month and upto today it already got 5,971,604 views already.

                  We do not know what model of the hoverboard is, but it was a 6.5 inch smart balance electric board. But the DIY with Formula Tires with detail processing filming is awsome, this guy is a tallented!!

                  4.1 Hoverboard with Formula Tires?!?! Tallented Guys


                  #5. AlienWheels BatWings Racing Action! | EvanTubeRAW | 14,978,882 views

                  EvanTubeRAW released this review on February 26, 2016 and  in the past 8 month, it already got 5,971,604 views already. Super fast !!! The review was filmed by Evan's family, it's a very harmonious video fullfill with love. Evan make the hoverboards be part of the family member, well, this really did a perfect / best job with hoverboards on YouTube!  

                  The model of the hoverboards in this video is a segway hoverboard with 8 inch two wheel designs, by the way, the hoverboard scooters seem available with unique design.Now let us get direct to the Evan's review:

                  5.1 BatWings Hoverboard Racing by EvanTubeRAW


                  #6. Hoverboard Tricks! | Jake Paul | 4,684,967 views

                  This tallented hoverboard tricks review was released by Jake Paul on July 19, 2015. Through this hoverboard reviews we may understand that is why hoverboard scooters were so hot in 2015 and the filming was fullfill with young and energetic! 

                  The models that listed in the reviews is multi, there are 6.5 inch & 8 inch boards that they hovered with. Up to today, the review had got 4,684,967 views in total. Jake really did a perfect job with this!!

                  Well,let's direct review and see what he got .........

                  6.1 Hoverboard Tricks by Jake Paul


                  #7. OFF-ROAD HOVERBOARD CHALLENGE!! | Team Edge | 2,378,186  views

                  In this hoverboard challenge review, Team Edge had been filmed with a 6.5 inch self balancing hoverboard scooter. The three big guys heading with a mini hoverboard, seems funny but they really did good. In this video, you will see the performance of this hottest products with differ ground environment.  

                  Again, the models that Team Edge filmed with is a 6.5 inch mini segway scooter, it seemed had no problems at all to hover a big guy in kind of environments. The video is released on October 5, 2015 and now got a views of 2,378,186 in total. Good for Team Edge!

                  Well,let's direct review and see what they had been showed us .........

                  7.1 Hoverboard Challenge by Team Edge


                  #8. Hoverboarding At The Skatepark!! | MoreJStu | 1,546,876  views

                  Considering of listed this review, because I love the behind part of the video, the content with they hovering on the skatepart is great, but I do not quite like the bigginner, a bit long for me! But in this review video, there are some dangerous hovering on the slope, so if you notice this video !!!! This is really important, expecially for freshmen, please keep in mind deep that safety first!!

                  The review was released on October 7, 2015 and now they got 1,546,876 reviews in total, good for MoreJStu. The filmed models is 6.5 inch hoverboards as well, what the almighty mini segway!!!!

                  Well,let's direct check what this guys doing on the Skatepark .........

                  8.1 Hoverboarding At The Skatepark!


                  To be continue...


                  Self-Balance Electric Scooter: User's Manual

                  If you had bought a hoverboard and wanna go with a quick start with your hoverboard safely, then you must read this first! (For All Users)

                  #1. Hoverboard Tutorial for Freshmen: How to ride ?

                  Before we heading with on how to ride the board that you had, we got to check somthing else first before we step on!

                  1. You'd better started with safety gear if you were a freshmen!
                  2. Make sure the board is fully charge!
                  3. Freshmen supposed to start with safety gears!

                  #2. How to start ?

                  Turn the hvoerboard on and place it in front of you, right in front of your toe where you can get with an easy start. (Better start with a smooth ground without objects that may hurt you when you fail!)

                  Put your right or left foot to the board's standing pad on the scooter. While doing this, you got to make sure two things:

                  1. Your foot is as close as possible to the wheel, this can help to scooter's sensor to received your body's balancing more easily & flexible!
                  2. Keep the board “flat” & relax yourself the best you can(Hoverboard keep flat with the ground level, do not put your phones or others big or high value products when you first boarding).

                  Using your boarding foot to put the hoverboard scooter into an upright, level riding position. When you’re ready, lift your other foot off the ground and step onto the hoverboard. Don’t overthink it, just step on naturally like you’re walking up stairs.

                  After you step your two foot on the hoverboard, then congratulation, you almost done! First you will get nervous. Span minutes to help yourself calm down and get starting to get use to balancing yourself on the scooter!

                  Remember, when your first step on the hoverboard is not about to control it, but to get use to it first. After you mostly can control your balance, then start to moving forward slowly!

                  Never try too fast when you start as a freshmen. Because you do not familiar with the hoverboard balance system yet. If you go too fast and you may not stop it as you willing, then you might fall and get hurt!


                  A mistake that riders usually made is, when first started our feet were not as wide as possible, that makes your first riding harder. 

                  Clean yourself before hovering is also important! I had nothing important, big or high value items on you, you can more focus with your balancing! Even you fail and fall, you got nothing to lost or broken! 

                  #3. Hovering around slowly!

                   When you start to hover around, just “think” of where you want to go! Again, try as slow as you can!

                  After minutes of practice, you will know when lean in the direction you want to go, your board will carry you there! This may make you think you have to do more than you actually do to move.

                  It’s not as much leaning as it is slightly shifting your weight. If you lean too much, you WILL fall.

                  So, just try going forwards first.

                   #4. Turning!

                  Once you feel great with forward moving, you should try to make a slight turn. This should be not too hard for you since you now had adapted with the hoverboard's balancing. (If you wanna turn left, just push your right toe forward.)

                  To attempt sharper turns, you may want to start “twisting back” the other foot too, that is pushing down the heel. When you’re an expert, you can literally spin in place like this.

                  Now try to go backwards, too.

                   #5. Stepping off hoverboard!

                  To step off the hoverboard, you simply want to “reverse” what you did to get on. The important thing is relax yourself and do not be nervous!

                  Try to shift your balance to your dominant foot, and then step off with your non-dominant foot.

                  Sometimes you’ll have the instinct to sort of “jump off,” but try to resist it, and do a controlled dismount. You’ll avoid scratching your hoverboard, and possibly injuring yourself.

                  Bear in mind that stepping on and off your board is probably the hardest thing of the whole process and it’s what’s going to take you the longest to master. Practice just stepping on and off for a little while to get used to it.

                  #5. Best places to practice!

                  The best place to practice hoverboard riding is on a smoothly ground, like an wide park is one great optional(Not crowded, you may hurt others)! 

                  Or you should practice indoor, but you got to notice if you practice indoor, please make sure there are no sharp edge around you if you fall!

                  #6. Safety Tips-Both for freshmen and experienced riders!

                  You may had been views tons of youtube riders' review on hoverboard tricks, with tough grounds or hovering on the edge of the road, but we believe that is a high risk for both freshmen and experienced! Do not do that unless you practice again and again!

                  Do not try to hovering on the roads that with heavy traffic, because the hoverboard scooter's motors is right under your feet all the time and the shaking always effect your feet from the time you step on! You will feel tired when you on the boards for minutes. In heavy roads, you do not have enough time to handle that! 

                  Do not ride the hoverboard where your local law banned!!!! Otherwise you may got punished!!

                  #7. More Reviews on Hoverboards! latesthoverboards

                  To view more professional hoverboard reviews, Please direct to latesthoverboards for the latest hoverboards info. and get the latest reviews !

                  On latesthoverboards, you will find tons of latest hoverboards reviews on many brands that now is available in the market, what's more, they will keep updated the latest hover boards info. & reviews!



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