Best Hoverboards Review: Complete List

best hoverboard reviews complete list

Best Hoverboards Review: Complete List (YouTube)

#1. Self Balancing, 2-Wheel, Smart Electric Scooter, "Hoverboard" REVIEW | AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke | 13,353,383 Views

Ben Schmanke released this review to YouTube early on June 11, 2015 , and now the video still hovering the first place in Youtube with search of "hoverboard" & he now had been got 13,353,383 Views.

The models that Ben filming with is a 6.5 inch two wheel balancing hoverboard scooter, the produts detail will coming as the image that as following:


1.1 Specifications & Tech-Product Detail

1.1.1 Framework

  • 6.5” Inches Wheels Designed
  • Dual Motor.
  • Zinc Aluminum Frame.
  • ABS Plastic Outer Shell.

1.1.2 Performance

  • 10 Mph Top Speed.
  • Can Climb 15°-20° Incline.
  • Max load of 120Kg

1.1.3 Battery

  • Charges in 90 Minutes on Average.
  • ≥ 2 Hr. Ride Time or Approximately 20 Miles.
  •  Authentic Samsung 18650 Batteries.

1.2 Self Balancing Hoverboard-YouTube Review



Tanner Fox released this review to YouTube on October 21, 2015, but he got greater views them Ben Schmanke's review, that's because he had been present us a really great video, I think that is one of the most important part why hoverboard business boost in 2015.

Well, let back to the review and check with the hoverboard that Tanner Fox had been filming with. Also, In Tanner's video, we notice that it also was a 6.5 inch hoverboard scooter, the image comes as following:


2.1 Specifications & Tech-Product Detail

2.1.1 Construction

The scooter weighs about 28 pounds or 13 kilograms and is very portable between stops. Adults should have no problem carrying the board around the office or home. Children might need some help carrying it but that is not often required.

2.1.2 Sturdy and Durable Tires

The scooter weighs about 28 pounds or 13 kilograms and is very portable between stops. Adults should have no problem carrying the board around the office or home. Children might need some help carrying it but that is not often required.

In addition to the overall construction, small hoverboard had very durable and sturdy tires. The tread on the wheels was very deep and we were able to ride this hoverboard segway on many different terrains including grass and hard sand. This feature provides additional versatility to the ForTech Scooter and distinguishes it from other segways for sale.

The tires have a solid construction that does not require air or a pump. You will never be stranded in the middle of nowhere because your wheel loses pressure and that brings peace of mind.

2.1.3 Multi of Colours to choose

When we were looking to buy the hoverboard scooter as gift you will pleased to see that this scooter available in multi beautiful colours. Who wants to have the same color as everyone else. Your hoverboard is an extension of your style and why not take it a step further and pick a color that represents you. 

2.1.4 Speed and Handling

The advertised max speed of the board is 10Mph, pretty fast, especially considering this thing runs on batteries and is better for the environment than gas powered scooters. In addition that is much faster than most people can jog.

One downside that we found is that due to the smaller wheels on this electric scooter we were unable to go over large curbs. This should not be an issue most places you ride this hoverboard but something to keep in mind.

In the past we have looked at other hoverboard segways with larger 10 inch wheels that allow you more freedom in terms of where you can go.

2.2 Insane 7 Year Old Boy Hoverboard Trick - So cute so cool!


#3. Skating A Hoverboard | Shonduras | 2,789,903 views

Shonduras had been released this review to YouTube on April 16, 2016, which means just a few months ago. In the past six months, this video review had 2,789,903 views, it's really really growing fast!!!! More important than that is, the content itself is fantastic.

The models that Shonduras filming with comes at the same one as the above two. So just let us direct to the YouTube review:

3.1 Skate a Hoverboard-Fantastic!


#4. Hoverboard with Formula Tires?!?! | The Italian Makers | 5,971,604 views

This veview is release by The Italian Makers channel on YouTube on January 11, 2016, the views increase sharply as well in the past 9 month and upto today it already got 5,971,604 views already.

We do not know what model of the hoverboard is, but it was a 6.5 inch smart balance electric board. But the DIY with Formula Tires with detail processing filming is awsome, this guy is a tallented!!

4.1 Hoverboard with Formula Tires?!?! Tallented Guys


#5. AlienWheels BatWings Racing Action! | EvanTubeRAW | 14,978,882 views

EvanTubeRAW released this review on February 26, 2016 and  in the past 8 month, it already got 5,971,604 views already. Super fast !!! The review was filmed by Evan's family, it's a very harmonious video fullfill with love. Evan make the hoverboards be part of the family member, well, this really did a perfect / best job with hoverboards on YouTube!  

The model of the hoverboards in this video is a segway hoverboard with 8 inch two wheel designs, by the way, the hoverboard scooters seem available with unique design.Now let us get direct to the Evan's review:

5.1 BatWings Hoverboard Racing by EvanTubeRAW


#6. Hoverboard Tricks! | Jake Paul | 4,684,967 views

This tallented hoverboard tricks review was released by Jake Paul on July 19, 2015. Through this hoverboard reviews we may understand that is why hoverboard scooters were so hot in 2015 and the filming was fullfill with young and energetic! 

The models that listed in the reviews is multi, there are 6.5 inch & 8 inch boards that they hovered with. Up to today, the review had got 4,684,967 views in total. Jake really did a perfect job with this!!

Well,let's direct review and see what he got .........

6.1 Hoverboard Tricks by Jake Paul


#7. OFF-ROAD HOVERBOARD CHALLENGE!! | Team Edge | 2,378,186  views

In this hoverboard challenge review, Team Edge had been filmed with a 6.5 inch self balancing hoverboard scooter. The three big guys heading with a mini hoverboard, seems funny but they really did good. In this video, you will see the performance of this hottest products with differ ground environment.  

Again, the models that Team Edge filmed with is a 6.5 inch mini segway scooter, it seemed had no problems at all to hover a big guy in kind of environments. The video is released on October 5, 2015 and now got a views of 2,378,186 in total. Good for Team Edge!

Well,let's direct review and see what they had been showed us .........

7.1 Hoverboard Challenge by Team Edge


#8. Hoverboarding At The Skatepark!! | MoreJStu | 1,546,876  views

Considering of listed this review, because I love the behind part of the video, the content with they hovering on the skatepart is great, but I do not quite like the bigginner, a bit long for me! But in this review video, there are some dangerous hovering on the slope, so if you notice this video !!!! This is really important, expecially for freshmen, please keep in mind deep that safety first!!

The review was released on October 7, 2015 and now they got 1,546,876 reviews in total, good for MoreJStu. The filmed models is 6.5 inch hoverboards as well, what the almighty mini segway!!!!

Well,let's direct check what this guys doing on the Skatepark .........

8.1 Hoverboarding At The Skatepark!


To be continue...

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