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Hoverboard Safety Tips

Hoverboard Safety Tips

  • Hoverboard Safety-Overview

In 2015, hoverboard business boost sharply and un-expected. Millions of people & kids are crazy on this new transportation products.

Then later in Dec., tons of news were reported by, CNET, CNN, BBC and ect on hoverboards fired & exploded. 

And from then on, more and more people realized  the important of hoverboard safety isue. 

However, there are no safest hoverboards if you not use & care them properly. So what can we do to keep safe with hoverboards ?

  • Before Buying-Select Reliable Suppliers

After hundreds of hoverboard fired & exploded, experts found that the cause was poor build-in lithium battery pack. While the battery over charge, they may get fire or explode.

    Reliable suppliers have a very strict system on products producing, raw material purchasing, which can guarantee the quality before they ship to their distributors.

    Buy the way, reliable suppliers also have a very strict inspection system for the testing before their products available to the market. 

    As a professional hoverboard scooters manufacturer & supplier, HoverboardEX supply customers hoverboards with strict inspection & solid components.

    • Buy Solid Components Hoverboards

    Solid components are very important for the hoverboards quality.  

    Our hoverboard scooters are made with the finest parts, such as Taotao mother board, Meglev motor and ect.

    • Buy Samsung, LG & UL certified battery Hoverboards

    Hoverboards with Samsung, LG or UL certified battery will be more safe than others. As well, the greater lithium battery pack make the hoverboard a longer serving life span.

    • After Buying-Prevent to Over Charge Long Time

    If you already had or buy a hoverboard, you should not over charge it too long.Over charge is not good for lithium battery service life span and too long over charging may cause safety issue.

      Herewith we would please to listed some tips for over charging:

      1. Don't charge hoverboards at night while you sleep.
      2. Don't charge hoverboards while you are not at home.
      3. Don't charge hoverboards with easy fire on environtments.

      Keep in mind, there are no safest hoverboards if you do not use it properply. 

      • UL-Hoverboard Safety Tips

      • Riding Tips

      Ride the hoverboards that your local laws allow. If you were a hoverboard freshment, then you suppose to start with safety gears.

      Herewith we listed some hovering safety tips as a reference:

      1. Ride where laws allow
      2. Do not ride the hoverboards on trafic roads
      3. Do not ride the hoverboards on crowded places
      4. Freshmen start with safety gears
      What is Hoverboard ?

      What is Hoverboard ?


      Hoverboards are one of the most popular & hottest holiday gifts in 2015. Ebay reportedly sold more than 5,000 units on Black Friday. So, what is hoverboard ?

      Well, let's get stated with

      And type "What is hoverboard ?", then go with search!!!!

      #1 Google "What is hoverboard ? "


      Well, we got tons of results, but seems the second one is that what we are looking for...

      OK, Whatever, let's make a try with google trends on the key word of "hoverboard"

      There we go...

      1.1 Google Trands

      Well, this trends really did informed a lot information.

      First is that the hoverboard business boosting in the year of 2015!

      But it seems that the industrial broken down by the end of the year.

      Why ? 

      Must because of hoverboard fired & exploded events and reports!!!!!

      Well, let's go further with where are the hoverboards hottest.

      1.2 Hoverboard Hottest

      We can notice that hoverboards are hottest in countries like:

      • United State
      • Canada
      • Sweden
      • Australia
      • Russia

      With the above google results, we have some basic view of hoverboard & it's business now.

      Now let's dig further into to second results for what is hoverboard on wiki.

      Here we go.......


      #2 Wiki "Hoverboard"

      Before we go though with "Hoverboard", we first click into the second results of google on " what is hoverboard ?"

      Because it seems that our answering is right there!!!!

      google secondly result on hoverboard

       2.1 Wiki " Self-balancing scooter"

      wiki self balancing scooter

      Well, seems that we are in the right site with the very info. that we looking for....

      • Self-balancing two wheeled board
      • Battery-powered
      • Platforms between the wheels
      • Controlled by the rider's feet
      • Widely popular in the United State in 2015

      It's what we see some body hovering on the street and think that hoverboard is!!!

      Is it that ?

      Let's make a try with keyworkd "hoverboard" on Wiki

      2.2 Wiki " Hoverboard "

      hoverboard on wiki

      From the result, we can notice that wiki offer us a big different answering on "Hoverboard" compare with google, which wiki had been go with:

       So next time you see some body hovering around on a two wheeled design transportation, you should call it "Self-balancing scooter" or " Hoverboard scooter".


      #3 Hoverboard Scooter(Self-balancing scooter)

       In 2014, several such devices appeared in China, and by 2015, they became widely popular in the United States, Australia, Russia & ect.

      We seems got our answering now, but I do not want to stop here, let's heading forward...

      3.1 Components inside

      Let’s take a look at what’s under the hood of a self-balancing scooter.

      inside hoverboard

      Here we comes the main feature components:

      • A steel frame with a central pivot
      • A logic board
      • Two gyroscopes
      • Two infrared sensors
      • Two electric motors (located inside the wheels)
      • Two tilt/speed sensors (located inside the wheels)
      • Charging port
      • Power switch
      • A battery pack
      • LED lights
      • Pressure pads
      • A plastic shell

      3.2 How did they work ?

      The self-balance scooter(hoverboard scooter) wheels motor themselves with it's build-in electric motor.

      The electric motor in wheels contain a tilt and speed sensor.

      The sensors detects the rpm (revolutions per minute) of the individual wheel, and sends it to the gyroscope and speed control boards. 

      Let's check a video produced by Johnny Amicci, which can help us go through with what's inside the wheels.

      When you leaning on your hoverboard, the tilt sensors in the wheels tell the gyroscopes how far forward you’re leaning.

      Then  the gyroscopes relay this information to the logic board. 

      The more you’re leaning forward, the faster the logic board tells the motors to spin, to sort of “catch up” with your center of gravity.

      This mechanism allows you to control the cruising speed of the scooter with your weight.

      3.2 Where are they Assembling ?

      Most hoverboard scooters(Self-balancing scooters) are assembling in China.

      So do not be fooled by USA, Canada made hoverboard scooter or something like that.

      A balancing scooter supposed to assembling with solid components, here are some main:

      • Samsung Battery or UL Listed Battery
      • Taotao Mother Board(Logic Board)
      • Hanghong Motors

      The good battery solution can prevent you from fire or explode.

      The good logic board means longer service life and better riding experience.

      The great motor will make your board more powerful.

      hoverboard assembling

       3.3 Hoverboard Scooters on Amazon

      Regard of info. of 3.2, we now know that two-wheeled self balance hoverboards that sell on Amazon are all China made, but brands host by USA or Canada's companies.

       3.4 Why are they so hot ?

      Quality & Safety Issues

      Since the whole hoverboard scooter business boost sharply and unexpectedly, it brings quality and safety issues.

      Tons of news reported by CNN on hoverboards fired & exploded in end of 2015.

      First report on killed by hoverboard in UK.

      United Kingdom & USA governments released laws on restrict the products hovering on the street. 

      Real Hoverboard

          • Hoverboard (or hover board) is a fictional levitating board used for personal transportation.

            1. It's a levitating board!!!!!
            2. It's for personal transportation......


            The Lux hoverboard looks more real!

            real hoverboard

            Let's check what The Verge say on it.

            • Hoverboard Scooter

            A self-balancing scooter or self-balancing two-wheeled board,commonly referred to as a "hoverboard scooter", is a type of portable, rechargeable battery-powered scooter.

            1. Consist of two wheels arranged side-by-side
            2. Portable, rechargeable battery-powered


            The following image will told you what exactly hoverobard is!!!!

            Let's check with the following hoverboard scooter's youtube reviews for more detail....A LA

          • Hoverboard History

            • M.K Joseph

            Hoverboard was first described by author M.K Joseph in 1967 in "The Hole in the Zero" and popularized by the Back to the Future film franchise.

            hoverboard history

            • Back to the Future

            In "Back to the Future", Marty escaped from the local gangsters with a hoverboad, wu la, let's check the youtube video to see what was happened there.....

          • Why hoverboard so hot ?

            In 2015, hoverboard scooters economic explosive growth sharply & unexpectedly.  Kids are dying to have a hoverboard, why ? 


            • Justin Bieber

            hoverboard justin bieber

            Justin Bieber is a big fans of hoverboard too. 

            • Casey

            One of greatest Youtube video maker, he got tons of views with his hoverboard videos...

            Casey on hoverboard

        • Casey's hoverboard video

          Hoverboard Size

          There are lots of hoverboards available on the market, but they are mostly coming with 6.5 inch, 8 inch & 10 inch.

          So, how to make a  make a choice while buying a hoverboard ?

          •  6.5 Inch hoverboard

          6.5 Inch hoverboard is the hottest size in end of 2015 for it's lighter, great for kids and classical design. 

          The 6.5 inch hoverboard is best flexible for young kids, lower price & easier control.

          6.5 inch hoverboards are workable for whole age range kids. But recommanded for kids with 6-9 years old.

          • 8 Inch hoverboard

          8 inch hoverboard is a bigger size than 6.5 inch hoverboards. Bigger wheels diemeter means hovering faster, more stable in pave ground.

          The large diemeter will also give the riders a higher viewing angle. Which means while your height is 165cm only, but you have 185cm viewing angle on hoverboard.

          Inspite of a little bit heavier, 8 inch hoverboard is recommanding for range of 9-12 years old kids. With this age range, kids mostly can handle with these hottest toys.

          • 10 Inch hoverobard

          10 inch hoverboard is the biggest size that available on the market. 

          It's recommanded for age of 13 or above. The 10 inch wheels can bring the highest viewing level.