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Hoverboard Safety Tips

Hoverboard Safety Tips

  • Hoverboard Safety-Overview

In 2015, hoverboard business boost sharply and un-expected. Millions of people & kids are crazy on this new transportation products.

Then later in Dec., tons of news were reported by, CNET, CNN, BBC and ect on hoverboards fired & exploded. 

And from then on, more and more people realized  the important of hoverboard safety isue. 

However, there are no safest hoverboards if you not use & care them properly. So what can we do to keep safe with hoverboards ?

  • Before Buying-Select Reliable Suppliers

After hundreds of hoverboard fired & exploded, experts found that the cause was poor build-in lithium battery pack. While the battery over charge, they may get fire or explode.

    Reliable suppliers have a very strict system on products producing, raw material purchasing, which can guarantee the quality before they ship to their distributors.

    Buy the way, reliable suppliers also have a very strict inspection system for the testing before their products available to the market. 

    As a professional hoverboard scooters manufacturer & supplier, HoverboardEX supply customers hoverboards with strict inspection & solid components.

    • Buy Solid Components Hoverboards

    Solid components are very important for the hoverboards quality.  

    Our hoverboard scooters are made with the finest parts, such as Taotao mother board, Meglev motor and ect.

    • Buy Samsung, LG & UL certified battery Hoverboards

    Hoverboards with Samsung, LG or UL certified battery will be more safe than others. As well, the greater lithium battery pack make the hoverboard a longer serving life span.

    • After Buying-Prevent to Over Charge Long Time

    If you already had or buy a hoverboard, you should not over charge it too long.Over charge is not good for lithium battery service life span and too long over charging may cause safety issue.

      Herewith we would please to listed some tips for over charging:

      1. Don't charge hoverboards at night while you sleep.
      2. Don't charge hoverboards while you are not at home.
      3. Don't charge hoverboards with easy fire on environtments.

      Keep in mind, there are no safest hoverboards if you do not use it properply. 

      • UL-Hoverboard Safety Tips

      • Riding Tips

      Ride the hoverboards that your local laws allow. If you were a hoverboard freshment, then you suppose to start with safety gears.

      Herewith we listed some hovering safety tips as a reference:

      1. Ride where laws allow
      2. Do not ride the hoverboards on trafic roads
      3. Do not ride the hoverboards on crowded places
      4. Freshmen start with safety gears

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