How to buy best hoverboard?

How to buy best hoverboard? 

Well, this is a question that millions of people faced in end of last year and tons of people still facing today. Today we will going to talk about how to buy a good quality hoverboard online.

  • Buy from reliable supplier

Reliable suppliers had great & strict selection on solid components while making a hoverboards, as well, mostly they had a very strict inspection after the product made too.

In another way, reliable suppliers had a better after sale & supported service, which can reduce the risk of your orders & fund.

  • Using quality or branded battery

Tons of hoverboard fired & exploded news on CNN.

Reseachers had been study the cause of fire and finally they come to a conclution that fires are mainly cause by poor-made battery.

Hoverboards with LG, Samsung or UL listed batteries are commonly more reliable & safety to buy. So for the safety issue, do not fool by low price products.

  • Solid components

Do not be fool by USA MADE hoverboards, there are no USA MADE hoverboards. They are all made in China. A good supplier will choose Taotao mother board, good motor and branded batteries.

How to buy the right one ?

Well, another questions that many facing is, how to buy the very right hoverboards in tons of optionals ? 

Here we would like to give you some advices and hope may help.

  • Buy hoverboards for 7 - 9 years old

As for 7 - 9 years old kids, the recommadation self balancing hoverboards are with 6.5 inch wheels.

The 6.5 inch hoverboard scooters are with smaller in size, lighter & lower padels position. All of these are more easier to control for the yound kids. 

By the way, the mostly applications are in home or on smooth squares, so the 6.5 inch might be the best optionals.

  • Buy hoverboards for 10 - 13 years old

As for 10 - 12 years old kids, the recommadation self balance scooters are with 8 inch wheels.

The 8 inch hoverboards are with a bit bigger size, more heavier & higher padels position then 6.5 inch products. But never mind, kids can handle with that.

  • Buy hoverboards for above 13 years old

10 inch hoverboards are recommadated for age above 13 years old and adults.

The 10 inch hoverboards are commonly with biggest size, most heavy & highest padels position that available in the market. 

The bigger size will bring faster speed, higher viewing angle & working more powerful in different applications. And these are what people with this age range like!!!

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