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#1 Hoverboard Online Store - HoverboardEX.com

HoverboardEX.com is an expert online retailer & store for hoverboard, hoverboard scooter, hoverboard segway and smart hoverboards. 

  • HoverboardEX listed solid construction, high quality components hoverboards only, which are mostly powered by Samsung batteries.
  • As an expert online store, we are very proud of the quality of the hoverboards that we sell and fewer than 1% of hoverboards that we shipped were subject to any quality issue.

#2 Hoverboard with Samsung Battery - HoverboardEX listed

Since notice millions of stories & news on hoverboard fire and explode by end of 2015, we listed all of our hoverboard scooters with Samsung batteries for safety issue and the hoverboard industry had proved that most of fired & exploded were cause by the poor battery set.

  • Official Lithium Ion UL Certified Samsung Battery - Which can prevent from fire and explode with proper use.
  • Safety Engine Mother Board Design -  Which can cut down the electric system while the overcharge occur.

#3 Hoverboard Sales & Discount - Season Sales

Please keep launching at www.hoverboardex.com for the latest models and subscribe for a discount. We have some brake down sale promotions in different seasons.

  • Subscribe for the latest hoverboard models info. - You will be informed at the very first time while we lcunch a new products, updated with a new hoverboard review.
  • Keep lauching at www.hoverboardex.com in different seasons - We have some brake down sales promotion in different seasons, keep lauching for the refreshment.

#4 Hoverboard Policy - HoverboardEX

We feel free to make your hoverboard order now, if you and any questions, please contact us for detail. As well, you may find some answers with our policy.