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Solid Components Hoverboards

Solid Components Hoverboards

As an expert hoverboards suppliers, we listed all products with strictly inspection and best made with solid components. 

  • LG, Samsung & UL listed lithium batteries

Tons of hoverboards fires & exploded news in end of 2015. The safety issues were mainly caused by over charged of poor-made lithium batteries. 

The hoverboard products that we listed are made by LG, Samsung & UL listed branded lithium batteries for the safety issues.

  • Taotao Mother Boards

In the hoverboard scooter industry, Taotao mother boards are well know as the best electric board with latest self balancing technology. And we choose to best work with.

Buy the way, while you shopping a hoverboard, do not be fool by price, cheap price normally presented with poor quality products.

  • Hanghong & Maglev Motor

Hanghong(China best) & Maglev (USA)'s motor are commonly use with our self balancing hoverboards. They give our boards strong power & outstanding performance.

Buy the way, we using non-slip, no-distortion & enhance friction solid tyers. Which can bring excellent driving experience. 

  • Super Bight LED Lights & Indicator

We using Epistar & Samsung LED (RGB) for our lightings & indicators. 

  • Build-in Smart CUP(M-X1 Series)

M-X1 Series hoverboards are build with 350W dual-motor design and they are can be control by smart phones(Smart App Free)