Best 10 Inch Smart Hoverboard M-X1 Plus For Sale(Red)


When it comes to hoverboards for sale, the most common question is how and where to buy the best products in tons of optionals ?

If you’re looking for hoverboard with good components, then M-X1 Plus is the right one.

Hoverboards for sale: M-X1 Plus

Best 10 Inch Smart Hoverboard M-X1 Plus For Sale(Red)

M-X1 Plus is a hoverboard self balancing scooter with 10" wheels that power by branded battery.

It comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty and + Free Shipping, it's very meticulous in the products we sell. 

We make sure our products are made with the finest parts, all of our boards come with a high quality aluminum alloy frame.

Our batteries are a high powered lithium ion Top Quality Brand battery.

The max loading of M-X1 Plus is 150Kg, so it's all workable for both teens and adults.

For it's #10" inches wheels & 150kg loading, M-X1 Plus is recommand for 13 years old and above.

Tips: Recommend to wear safety gear for the beginners & freshmen!!!!!!!!!

m-x1 plus hoverboard specification

Hoverboard M-X1 Plus

#1 Details

  • Hard ABS Outer Body Casing
  • Aluminum Wheels with Rubber Tires
  • Weight Limit: 330.69 lbs (150kg)
  • Speed:12Km/H at Top Speed

Approximate, based on rider weight, terrain, temperature, and driving style.

#2 Specifications

  • Voltage: In: 110-240v Out: 36v
  • Build-in Bluetooth Speaker 
  • Bright LED Lights (headlights)
  • Battery: Top Quality Brand Lithium
  • Smart App Free
  • Size: 23w x 7.3h x 7.3d (inches)

#3 Battery

  • Charges in 90 Minutes on Average.
  • ≥ 2 Hr. Ride Time or Approximately 20 Miles.
  •  Authentic Samsung 18650 Batteries.


#4 Packing

1 * M-X1 Plus hoverboard scooter

1 * AC Charging Adapter (Hoverboard Charger)

1 * User’s Manual and Paperwork

#5 United State & Canada FedEx FREE Shipping!

30 Day Limited Return Policy: Item must be in new/unused condition. Restocking Fees may apply.


Smart App Free

M-X1 Plus is available with phone intelligent management.

M-X1 Plus App

With smart app, you can connected to bluetooth, quick switching speed mode!!!

M-X1 Plus hoverboard Smart App Free

As well, more like current & total mileage calculation, fault detection, battery power remaining & multi speed adjustment are available too.

m-x1 plus hoverboard photo reviews

M-X1 Plus Photos Views

hoverboards for sale square

M-X1 Plus hoverboard

hoverboard side view

m-x1 plus hoverboard youtube reviews

M-X1 Plus Youtube Review

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  • Hoverboards Safety Tips:
  1. Please ride the hoverboards with your local laws allowance!!!!!
  2. Please get started with safety gear if you were a freshmen!!!!!
  3. Please do not driving your board on crowded places or road site with lots of traffic!!


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