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8 Inch Self Balance Scooter & Safety Gear(Green)

Product Description

8 inch self balancing scooter

M-S8T is a great selection of 8 inch self balancing scooter that power by Samsung batteries. 

If you are looking for best quality self balancing hoverboard, then M-S8T must be a best option.

best self balance scooter

8 Inch Self Balance Scooter & Safety Gear(Green)

M-S8T is a 2016 hot sale hoverboard scooter with samsung batteries.

It comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty and + (United State & Canada) FedEx Free Shipping, it's a very meticulous in the products we sell. 

This classical design self balancing hoverboard is made with the finest parts, Such as, taotao mother board system, solid component electrical & aluminum alloy frame.

Our batteries are a high powered lithium ion Top Quality Brand battery.

The max loading of M-S8T is 120Kg, that seems workable for the whole families.

Tips: Recommend to wear safety gear for the beginners & freshmen!!!!!!!!!


M-S8T Self Balancing Scooter

#1 Specification

  • 8 inch wheels
  • 12Km/h max speed
  • 120Kg max load
  • 4.4 Ah branded lithium battery
  • 2.5 hours charging time

#2 Detail

  • Firmly non-slip padels design for better control
  • Titanium & aluminium texture charging port
  • Non-slip, no-distortion solid rubber tyer for better driving experence
  • Build-in branded LED indicator lights
  • Build-in high performance bluetooth speaker

#3 Advantage

  • Higher efficency motor, stronger power & outstanding mute
  • Super climbing ability, max angle is 30 degree
  • Unique led floodlight for safety warning & decorative

#4 Latest Technologies

  • Remote controlled stabler with up-graded motherboard
  • More reliable up-graded 6.5 inch solid tyer
  • UAV balance technology & smarter CPU
  • Super long continue mileage with high performance battery

#5 Great selection smart CPU

  • Input & output over voltage protection 
  • Input & output over current protection
  • Battery security protection

segway hoverboard packing-&-shipping

#6 Packing

1 * M-S8T Self Balance Scooter

1 * AC Charging Adapter (Hoverboard Charger)

1 * User’s Manual and Paperwork

1set * Safety Gears

Safety gear will be saperated shipping. Detail as following:

best hoverboards safety gear

#7 United State & Canada FedEx FREE Shipping!

30 Day Limited Return Policy: Item must be in new/unused condition. Restocking Fees may apply.


M-S8T Photos Views

8 inch self balance scooter

Hovering on LH Square, SZ.......Just hovering the way you want!!!!!

self balance scooter for sale

Max loading 120Kg, so we are free to go!!!!!!

self balance scooter

The M-S8T make the day, really do make my weekends awsome!!!!


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Hoverboard Safety Tips:

  1. Please ride the hoverboards with your local laws allowance!! !!!
  2. Please get started with safety gear if you were a freshmen!!!!!
  3. Please do not driving your board on crowded places or road site with lots of traffic!

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