Best 8 Inch Hoverboard M-S8T(Samsung Battery)


Type: Outdoor & Recreation

HoverboardEX 8L is a great selection of 8 inch hover board that power by authority battery.

If you are looking for best quality self balancing hoverboard, then it must be a best option.


Best 8 Inch Hoverboard 8L

HoverboardEX 8L is a 2017 hot sale hoverboard scooter with samsung batteries.

It comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty and + (United State & Canada) Free Shipping, it's a very meticulous in the products we sell. 

This classical design self balancing hoverboard is made with the finest parts, Such as, taotao mother board system, solid component electrical & aluminum alloy frame.

Our batteries are a high powered lithium ion Top Quality Brand battery.

The max loading is 120Kg, that seems workable for the whole families.

For it's #8 inches wheels & 120kg loading

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Hoverboard 8L Youtube Review:


Tips: Recommend to wear safety gear for the beginners & freshmen!!!!!!!!!

HoverboardEX 8L


  • 8 inch wheels
  • 12Km/h max speed
  • 120Kg max load
  • 4.4 Ah branded lithium battery
  • 2.5 hours charging time


  • Firmly non-slip padels design for better control
  • Titanium & aluminium texture charging port
  • Non-slip, no-distortion solid rubber tyer for better driving experence
  • Build-in branded LED indicator lights
  • Build-in high performance bluetooth speaker


  • Higher efficency motor, stronger power & outstanding mute
  • Super climbing ability, max angle is 30 degree
  • Unique led floodlight for safety warning & decorative

Latest Technologies

  • Remote controlled stabler with up-graded motherboard
  • More reliable up-graded 6.5 inch solid tyer
  • UAV balance technology & smarter CPU
  • Super long continue mileage with high performance battery

Great selection smart CPU

  • Input & output over voltage protection 
  • Input & output over current protection
  • Battery security protection

 30 Day Limited Return Policy: Item must be in new/unused condition. Restocking Fees may apply.

Hoverboard Safety Tips:

  1. Please ride the hoverboards with your local laws allowance!! !!!
  2. Please get started with safety gear if you were a freshmen!!!!!
  3. Please do not driving your board on crowded places or road site with lots of traffic!!


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